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What is (In)House (In)Order?
Let Bring It In Media help your brand build, optimize or fix your (in)house agency/studio. (In)House (In)Order offers tactical, executional support for in-house content teams, based upon immersive experience, both at the forefront and evolution of this highly specialized and growing business need. Through our customized process, we provide the blueprint to empower companies to scale up strategically and cost effectively, to successfully balance multiple productions simultaneously. Drawing on years of professional practice (and patience!), we listen and then make the plans for process, people and pipeline with a compass for you to follow.
We help as a connection point when there are diverging agendas.

Introspective and self-aware to help you make the best decisions –
when your ultimate goal is to get your (In)House (In)Order.

Harmony = Creativity = Better Content = More Output = More ROI

Our Services

What We Do

Studio Solutions

  • Comprehensive Assessment (In)House Health Score

  • Organizational structure

  • Targeted resourcing / hiring for the right skill sets

  • Efficient approaches for hybrid models

  • Scaling up successfully

  • Forecasting and content planning

  • Content management

  • High volume content efficiencies

  • Global content navigation

  • Creative briefing strategy support

  • Red tape/pitfalls with charge back models and corporate finance hurdles

  • Maximizing content budgets

  • Content recommendations for maximum impact and cost efficiency

  • Tailoring job titles, descriptions to suit (In)House needs

  • Identifying the right talent for your North Star goals

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