Lindsey and Cheryl are among the savviest producers I’ve met. They are adept at navigating the ins-and-outs of a high-intensity creative environment while understanding and managing the multi-tiered marketing needs of a large international corporation. These women bring an enormous amount of integrity to everything they take on. They embrace even the most elaborate challenges with grace and a profound sense of compassion for everyone involved.

J. Wahlberg - Director

I couldn't have done this without you! You allowed me to concentrate on the creative, while you guys took care of everything else.

E. Lowrey - Client

What you two are doing for our company has a halo effect on us. Everyone loves you guys and keeps telling me what an excellent job you guys do. That rubs off on us. I just had to thank you for that. It's pretty amazing.

SVP Marketing Manager


Cheryl & Lindsey threw caution to the wind & decided to turn their experience & passion into a biz helping companies w in-housing & content creation services. When I offered a selfie - they knew just what to do! See them @

Jay Ash @MACP