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Grab a cup of coffee or tea. Put your feet up, the bios are long.

(But we are interesting, we promise!)

Bring It In Media is a full-service production company, creating all forms of branded content, as well as its own original programming. The company is a federally certified Woman Owned Small Business, and its founders, Cheryl and Lindsey, are both Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center alums.

Team: Team
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Cheryl McGarry-Marley

CEO, Executive Producer and    Co-Founder


Lindsey Sutton

CCO, Executive Producer and    Co-Founder

Women Owned Small Business

The Powerhouse Producers with Creative Minds

Cheryl McGarry-Marley

Chief Executive Officer, Executive Producer and Co-Founder

Cheryl earned PhD-level experience working in the field for 8 years to build Hasbro’s in-house agency from 2013 – 2021.  Joining the IHA during a period of unchartered expansion, Cheryl established partnerships with internal marketing teams and managed brand content portfolios critical to the growth of the IHA.Cheryl’s tenure at the company included the transition from a traditional external agency model to both hybrid and full IHA models, requiring a high level of insight to navigate successfully and continue earning IHA business.

As both Account Director and Senior Producer, Cheryl mastered critical skills in all functions of the IHA instrumental to it’s significant growth and success: Account, Production, Creative, Marketing, Operations and Finance. She drove high volume content creation and led IHA creative and post production teams across a multitude of scopes and budgets.

Cheryl’s production experience extends across multiple genres including film, commercial, social/digital (DIY), e-comm, news, podcast and documentary.

Previous in-house experience includes Senior Producer at PR agency Ruder Finn, growing their in-house content division (a unique rarity at the time) and leading projects for product launches, live events, celebrity partnerships and FDA approvals for clients such as Seagrams, Subaru, Volkswagon, Levis, Four Seasons, Novartis and Operation Smile, including a documentary she produced on a flying hospital in South America.

Leveraging PR and brand building experience, Cheryl also managed her own music talent agency for over a decade, cultivating local music acts and building partnerships with community organizers, educators and non-profits to book over 200 shows annually for a variety of music clients on her roster.

Cheryl holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Communications (Media Studies) and Psychology from the University of New Hampshire.

Lindsey Sutton

Chief Creative Officer, Executive Producer and Co-Founder

Lindsey earned PhD-level experience helping run a Fortune 500 In-house agency from 2014 – 2021. Over her tenure, she and her team saved the company over $20 million in returns to Global Advertising bottom line by keeping production costs in check and becoming the Tier 1 Creative Production team. Additionally, As Head of Production, Lindsey mastered critical skills in all functions of the IHA instrumental to its significant growth and success during her tenure: Operations, Finance, Marketing, Production and Creative.

Lindsey’s experience also encompassed Account Director and Executive Producer, driving high volume content creation, account management and finance simultaneously across multiple brands and platforms.With IHA growth priorities in mind, Lindsey established communication pipelines with other IHAs such as Bose and Fidelity to gain insights, implement improvements and forge stronger paths with internal marketing teams.

Previous roles include Director of Production at Genuine Interactive Agency and Executive Producer at Finish Editorial, both in Boston.

Lindsey holds a BA in Film and TV Production (summa cum laude) from the prestigious University of Southern California film program and spent her early career working on many feature films sets, in addition to working in visual effects at George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic.

She has written and curated a growing library of original scripts (ONE, a Top Semi-Finalist - Top 50 out of 4,000 screenplays in The Writer's Network Competition).

Lindsey’s producing experience extends across multiple genres including film, commercial, social, e-comm. She also co-produced a particularly memorable documentary that involved getting her crew and a 1918 London taxi across the country, which she carries with her as a constant reminder that if she can do that, she can do anything. Lindsey’s current side hustle is producing a podcast in her spare time called, "Multitasking in Heels," about parenting during the pandemic, Alzheimer's, mental health and much more.

Team: Team
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